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Jingle BALL

Jingle BALL

10 Dec
Sunday 17:00 - 03:00

BALL from Titans - our gay football club

As ever, they are  rounding off the year with our big charity-palooza. This the boys and girls of London Titans FC, are supporting those magnificent huns from GMFA - the gay men's health charity, who work so hard with issues around HIV & AIDS, as well as producing the excellent FS Magazine. So not only do they get snaps for that, but we're also hopefully going to give them a big cheque....or just a balance transfer cos cheques are very 2006, right?

Let's start with your entertainment. Kicking things of with a boom and at least a few bangs, Sandra will be on stage for the early slot of Power of 3. Stepping into Miss Jason's breach, during her Panto break, Crystal Dcanter and Kelly Mild will be hotfooting it from their residency at Halfway to Heaven to bestow upon you the Christmas gift of banging vocals and sisterly love. Rounding off the evening is the Scots Songbird herself, Dame Mary Mac. Rumour has it she'll be doing a Christmas version of her medley. That rumour was just started by me. And possibly completely baseless.

How are they making money for GMFA? An AUCTION! And a RAFFLE! Don't groan, cos there are some top notch items up for grabs. Take a seat, there are some absolute corkers here:


Sinitta mentoring experience - YES, SINITTA!!!!
Philip Normal t-shirt design experience
Afternoon tea for 2 with Lord Michael Cashman at House of Lords
White company goodies (valued at £200)
Clonezone - Harness and fun gear
Out of Office - £200 voucher
Andrew Logan jewellery(valued at £200)
2 x XXL free membership
Original script from 80s Eastenders
Bondara toy selection
Luke Thornhill bespoke print designed for auction
Signed QPR shirt

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